Musical Theatre and Drama classes for 5 to 16 years



Saturday Musical Theatre

starts, after half term, on

Saturday 5th November

and finishes, for Christmas on

Saturday 26th November


Wednesday Drama

starts, after half term, on

Wednesday 2nd November

and finishes, for Christmas, on Wednesday 23 November

Ratzcool is for anyone between 5 years and 16 years who is interested in Musical Theatre or Drama.


SATURDAY Ratzcool has classes in Musical Theatre,

covering acting, singing and dance.


WEDNESDAY Ratzcool has Drama classes

focusing on story telling techniques, stage techniques

and self confidence.


By joining Ratzcool you will:

LEARN a range of new theatre skills and techniques

BECOME more successful in auditions

PERFORM confidentially on stage

Take EXAMS successfully

GROW in self confidence

MAKE new friends and enjoy yourself

Ratzcool enquiries to Ratzcool administrator Emlyn Moment:

01945 47 44 47 or email