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The Arts

Explore the Arts! Gain an arts awards qualification! Access workshops, projects and masterclasses:

'Shadows': a series of workshops and masterclasses from visiting artists. What is it like to work in the Arts? What can we learn and be inspired by? To include Hair and Make up, Theatre Technology, Stage and Screen Writing, Animation amongst others.

Arts Awards: an opportunity for children to work towards Trinity School Arts Awards accreditation, up to Silver Level, should they wish. Through recording the children's work within Ratzcool classes we can build a portfolio ready for Arts Awards accredation - a great qualification for young people to have!

'Action!': a course exploring a variety of acting styles through games and role play, including characterisation, stage presence and movement. This course will also look at audition and improvisation techniques, useful tools for budding young actors!

'Intentions': a course involving both choreographed and freestyle dance, drawing on many varied styles of dance and music. A wonderful and exciting opportunity to explore personal responses to the Arts and have fun doing so!


SATURDAYS 12:30PM - 2:30PM

Seniors 12.30 - 13:30
Juniors 13.30 - 14:30
Fees per term £50

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You can rest assured that your child is in safe hands as we adhere to the strictest child safety policies.